Antique Tractors

Antique tractors are amazing machines and beautiful pieces of art.  Farmers who restore them have wonderful stories to tell about the history of their beloved tractors.  They’re such characters…artists, too!

Some were taught to drive their tractors by their father, grandfather or great grandfather. Women restore tractors, too.  Some ran farms single-handedly.

I’m working on a coffee-table art and story book called “Vermont Farmers: Treasured Machines“.  People love seeing photographs of beautiful old tractors...and reading stories about the people who treasure them.

If you have tractors you’ve restored, or know a Vermonter who has some, please contact me to photograph them...and you, too if you want.  It’ll be great fun! 

“Git ‘r done!”    Before it’s too late!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the antique tractor photos head over to the shop. (Click on the images to view a larger version)